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Cop tipped terror suspect that the FBI was investigating him, gets probation

By See-Dubya  •  April 23, 2008 06:08 PM

Okay, this story has me asking a whole lotta questions:

In June 2005, when federal agents had a Fairfax man under surveillance, the man apparently asked [Fairfax County PD Sgt. Weiss] Rasool to check the license plates of three vehicles he thought were following him. Rasool’s lawyer described the man as a member of Rasool’s mosque.

According to court records, Rasool checked the databases and left the following voice-mail message for the man:

“Umm, as I told you, I can only tell you if it comes back to a person or not a person, and all three vehicles did not come back to an individual person. So, I just wanted to give you that much.”

The three vehicles were undercover FBI vehicles, according to a letter from the FBI filed in court yesterday, and Rasool’s message “likely alerted the subject of the FBI investigation which had a disruptive effect on the pending counterterrorism case.” …

The target was arrested in November 2005, then convicted and deported, according to court filings in Rasool’s case. Assistant U.S. Attorney Jeanine Linehan said that the target and his family were already dressed and destroying evidence at 6 a.m. when agents arrived to make the arrest, indicating that they had been tipped off. The target’s name and the charges against him have not been disclosed.

Among my questions: Fairfax, huh?

And then we get into the questions about why this guy’s still a cop.

Anybody shed any more light on this?

MORE: An earlier WaPo report reveals that they caught this guy because there was a FISA wiretap on his phone. So here’s a cop abusing his authority–doing unwarranted background checks on what, for all he knew, were private citizens–and caught by the eeeevil FISA wiretaps. Who does the ACLU root for now?

Here’s more dirt:

Hundley said Rasool was checking the federal terrorism “watch list to see if he or others close to him were incorrectly listed. None of them were, and he never divulged it. And anyone that was on the watch list, he didn’t divulge that either.”

Clever. Okay, well, not really.

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