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Jeremiah Wright: The gift that keeps on giving, but…

By Michelle Malkin  •  April 24, 2008 11:22 AM

I noted earlier this week that Bill Moyers announced he would be interviewing Jeremiah Wright for a Blame America echo chamber session set to air tomorrow. Now comes words, via the Chicago Sun Times, that Wright will be speaking at the National Press Club on Monday.

The controversial Rev. Jeremiah Wright — Sen. Barack Obama’s pastor — is speaking Monday at the National Press Club as part of a divinity conference of black church leaders. Wright’s decision to headline an event at the Press Club — open to all media — risks giving Obama’s critics more fodder, as if they don’t have enough already.

…The backfire potential of Wright having any sort of a public profile at this point seems obvious.

I asked the church about the prospects of Wright further wounding Obama’s candidacy, and I was e-mailed material about the divinity conference.

When the uproar over Wright started, Obama chief strategist David Axelrod asked his friends at Jasculca Terman — a public affairs firm — to advise Trinity on how to handle the crush of media coverage, and they did, pro bono. Jim Terman, the president of the firm, said, “We were not asked to provide our advice about the reported speech of Rev. Wright in Washington” and did not know about it until it was scheduled.

Based on his last, self-aggrandizing diatribe-tastic performance at a funeral a few weeks ago, Wright is sure to give the Obama camp more indigestion.

Problem is, the official Republican elite position is that it is “not appropriate and unhelpful” to point out exactly how much of a radical, hate-filled loon Obama’s longtime spiritual mentor is.

Wright is the gift that keeps on giving, but the McCain camp high and mightily doesn’t want to receive.

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