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Analyst: War in Iraq has strengthened U.S. international strategic position

By See-Dubya  •  April 25, 2008 11:03 PM

Whoa. Just, whoa:

THE US war in Iraq has strengthened its strategic position, especially in terms of key alliances, and the only way this could be reversed would be if it lost the will to continue the struggle and abandoned Iraq in defeat and disarray.

Surely the author of this sentence is on the ganja, you might say. Something a little weird in the coffee? It goes against every aspect of conventional wisdom.

But the author of this thesis, stated only marginally less boldly, is one of the US’s most brilliant strategic analysts. Mike Green holds the Japan chair at Washington’s Centre for Strategic and International Studies and was for several years the Asia director at the National Security Council. He is also one of America’s foremost experts on Japan and northeast Asia generally.

His thesis, applied strictly to the US position in Asia, is correct.

Again I say, whoa. I know when to shut up and lay off the penny-ante analysis and throw fair-use to the wind:

More generally, in a world supposedly awash in anti-US sentiment, pro-American leaders keep winning elections. Germany’s Angela Merkel is certainly more pro-American than Gerhard Schroeder, whom she replaced. The same is true of France’s Nicolas Sarkozy.

More importantly in terms of Green’s analysis, the same is also true of South Korea’s new President. Lee Myung-bak, elected in a landslide in December, is vastly more pro-American than his predecessor, Roh Moo-hyun.

Even in majority Islamic societies, their populations allegedly radicalised and polarised by Bush’s campaign in Iraq and the global war on terror more generally, election results don’t show any evidence of these trends.

I will quote more, in case you haven’t already clicked over there, knowing that there is far more there than just gems like this one:

Australia’s most progressive voices are almost entirely devoid of any Asian sense. And, as you’d expect, it takes an American to make this sad fact so starkly obvious.

You came back here? Thanks, friend. I shall make with that promised penny-ante analysis.

The world works as well as it does–and, granted, that’s pretty marginal–in large part because the United States guarantees the security of its allies. Places like Taiwan and South Korea churn out magic toilets and miniature automobiles knowing that the United States will respond to incursions and aggression with overwhelming and sustained force. So far, our defense of the fledgling Iraqi government has confirmed that arrangement.

America does what it says. If you have an American security guarantee–and I’m looking at you,Saudi Arabia and Pakistan–you don’t need to build a nuclear arsenal. America honors its commitments, and the world keeps ticking–well, arrhythmically stuttering, anyhow–because there are big U.S. guns ready to retaliate against aggression. No better friend. No worse enemy. If America is backing you, you’re golden.

Unless, of course, you’re Colombia. Hillary, Barack, and Nancy Palomino have all decided to hang Colombia out to dry for reasons I cannot fathom and would sound like a complete crank if I hazarded a guess. Colombia is asking for a free trade deal with us, and it’s not like they’re even competing with American manufacturers, you know? Meanwhile the price of Starbucks is shooting through the roof.

Colombia has been a far better ally than Mexico has. But because of the selfish-bastard effete egotism of some a*****e Americans who enjoy snorting Colombia’s chief export up their noses, Colombia’s civil war has been prolonged from the 1960’s until today. Their civil society has been shredded by terrorism and corruption. They have bled and burned and died because criminal losers in America and abroad wanted to feel happy and sexiful for a few minutes, and didn’t care if they broke the law to do so.

Iraq proves that being America’s ally means something. If Pelosi, Hillary and Obama have their way, Colombia will prove that being America’s ally means nothing.

More, by James Baker,here.


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