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Faith-Based North Korea Nuke Policy Revised

By See-Dubya  •  April 25, 2008 03:24 AM


The Bush administration is renegotiating a tentative deal with North Korea on a declaration of its nuclear activities to include better verification provisions, after the agreement upset some on Capitol Hill and even in the administration, officials said yesterday…. In an attempt to address concerns about the shift on the declaration, the administration now emphasizes the importance of verification of the North’s secret activities.

We’re not there yet. A shifting “emphasis” doesn’t reassure me much, but we’ll at least be pressuring the Norks in the right direction. I’ll trust J-Bo to let us know if this is a meaningful change or just rhetoric.

I was also gratified to see that, contrary to the analysis I quoted here, Congress was paying attention to this threat. A letter from 14 Republican Senators concerned about what I’ve dubbed the “faith-based” North Korea nuclear policy went out on Wednesday, and appeared to have the desired effect.

I’m sure those Capitol Hill CIA briefings about the Israeli strike on the plutonium reactor that North Korea built for Syria focused their attention as well.

Meanwhile, around the world, the international nuclear bazaar is still going strong:

Customs officials told The Times Of India that Nickunj Eximp Enterprises Pvt Ltd authorities, when questioned, said the graphite was procured from local dealers. When customs officials followed the trail, they apparently found that it was imported at Rs 50 per kg from China and was being exported to Iran at Rs 2,000 a kg.

That’s not pencil-lead graphite, that’s the high-dollar nuclear grade stuff. So, was this a few rogue vendors, or was Chicom Central involved in getting Iran’s nuclear program running? Not sure, but it wouldn’t surprise me at all.

A.M. UPDATE: Here’s commenter Boomer, from my last post on this subject:

Having spent four years as a US National Escort for the INF and START treaties in the mid-late 90s I have a really good idea of how a non-proliferation agreement should work between two nation states. Physical on-site inspection with short notice declarations of intent to inspect (72 hours) and an even shorter notice (12 hours) to declare the site to be inspected allowing the host nation to transport the inspection team to the declared site is the only way to validate that your partner in the agreement is keeping their end of the contract. Also all operations at the inspection site shut down 1 hour after the declaration is made. This type of inspection protocol worked out pretty good between the former Soviet Union and the US.

That would be ideal, but I just don’t see Kim’s regime signing off on anything that comprehensive, or honoring it if they do sign off on it. And then if they breach the agreement…what sort of stick do have to beat them with?

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