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Hillary Clinton: Prayer Warrior.

By See-Dubya  •  April 25, 2008 01:35 PM

Wow, it looks like we’ve seriously misunderstood the depth and importance of Hillary Clinton’s religious faith:

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton is more devout than public perception has allowed, her Methodism carried close to her heart alongside her political interests, even if she is almost reluctant to talk about it….

Mrs. Clinton, who has downplayed religion for much of her campaign, called her Christian journey a “serious search” as she opened up at a recent Compassion Forum at Pennsylvania’s Messiah College.

“I worry that you have to walk the walk of faith,” she said at the forum, where she offered a glimpse of the role that faith has played in her political life. “Talking about it is important because it’s important to share that experience. But I also believe that, you know, faith is just — it’s grace. It’s love. It’s mystery. It’s provocation. It is everything that makes life and its purpose meaningful as a human being.

“We have created this democracy where we choose our leaders, and we have to be more mindful of how important and serious a business this is,” she said.

As the “American Papist” site notes, she’s very ecumenical, too:

So, here it is: on the day of a crucial primary for her campaign, in a state with a large Catholic vote, Hillary Clinton deliberately wears a piece of religious jewelry identifying her with a popular Catholic devotion.

Am I surprised? Not at all. After all, it paid off. She won the “Catholic vote”.

Yet despite her sincere, abiding Metholic/Cathedist faith, clearly demonstrated by prayer breakfasts and eyecatching jewelry, the public just doesn’t think of her as Teresa of Avila. From the WashTimes link:

Exit polls during the presidential primaries show that the New York senator seems to do well with religious Democrats and church attendees, along with white and Hispanic Catholics and Protestants. But in a Pew Forum survey last summer, Mrs. Clinton received a very low rating when pollsters asked likely voters how religious they perceived the candidates to be.

“There were people in the Clinton campaign who were just flabbergasted,” said John C. Green, a senior fellow in religion and American politics at the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life. “Somehow, many Americans have developed this image of Mrs. Clinton as largely a very secular politician.”

Flabbergasted! (Quit snickering, you.) Those doubters probably just haven’t seen her tattoo yet:


Advisers say she got it in a duck blind, while saying the Pledge of Allegiance and not being a secret Muslim.

RELATED: Here’s more skeptical religious negativity about Hillary from London’s Telegraph:

There’s an unholy alliance developing between Hillary Clinton and conservative Republicans to stop Barack Obama.

That’s objective, all right. And that’s Britain’s conservative paper. The columnist, Toby Harnden, goes on to cluck his tongue at the NCGOP’s ad, “which featured that old Deep South fear-mongering combination of a black man and a white woman.”

Hey, genius, maybe that’s because it’s an ad about how the woman featured in the ad, Beth Bev Perdue, is running for governor of North Carolina–and has endorsed Barack Obama and by extension his radical politics. There’s also a (white) man named Richard Moore featured in the ad, also running for governor, also endorsed Obama–but his inclusion doesn’t fit the Telegraph’s predetermined “racist hicks” sneer.

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