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The great Obama airdrop caper!

By See-Dubya  •  April 29, 2008 04:26 PM

I almost feel sorry for Obama these last few days, as he’s undergoing a Howard-Dean-like implosion. Here’s another little story (h/t: commenter AJMontana) about Obama’s over-enthusiastic and off-target supporters getting him in trouble:

A stream of tiny fliers endorsing presidential candidate Barack Obama was released from a plane flying over the Empire Polo Field during Roger Waters’ Coachella-ending set late Sunday evening, Indio officials said.

But the plane missed its target. Instead, fliers drifted over a two-mile radius area northwest of the field, according to Indio Police Department spokesman Ben Guitron.

Obama’s campaign can’t be blamed for this, though it’s such bad publicity that I thought it might have been a dirty trick by the Hillary campaign. Instead, this was the brainchild of former Pink Floyd musician Roger Waters, who thought a shower of Obama leaflets during his final set at the Coachella music festival would have been totally tubular, and damn the wishes of local authorities:

Indio City Manager Glenn Southard said Waters had asked if he could shower the confetti-like fliers – and was told no by the city staff, police and concert promoters.

“He did it anyway. We are not happy about it and apologize,” Southard wrote in an e-mail to The Desert Sun. Coachella promoter “Goldenvoice will provide cleanup to anyone requesting it,” he stated.

Obama supporters are not happy about the extra work it’s causing for them, um, all of their gardeners:

Indio resident Carol Davison, who lives two blocks from the polo fields, said the display definitely changes her thoughts on the candidate, calling the incident a “derelict action.”

“I am just appalled. All of our gardeners will now have to spend the whole day trying to clean this up. It’s going to be in our pool filters clogging them up,” Davison said.

Word of advice to British leftists seeking to interfere with our political process: please, please keep it up! Next time you’ll get it right.

PS: Metaphor alert: runaway pork!

Pig on the loose!

A school-bus sized swine that hovered over the crowd Sunday night while Roger Waters played a version of “Sheep” from 1977’s capitalism critique “Animals” has flown the coop.

A $10,000 reward plus four Coachella tickets for life is being offered for the return of their pig, according to Marcee Rondan, spokeswoman for Coachella Music and Arts Festival promoter Goldenvoice.

MORE: Commenter Southpaw was there, and noted that the giant runaway pig had “Obama” written on its belly, and just floated away.

More of an allegory than a metaphor?

YET MORE: Yep, picture of the Obama-stamped pig from Getty Images, here. You gotta see this thing. It’s out there.

Tiny fair-use snippet of the photo, just in case you’re in the Coachella Valley area and happen to find a gigantic inflatable pig, and wonder if it’s the one with the $10K reward:


DEVELOPING: Tragic allegory?

Judy and Patrick Rimmer and Susan Stoltz each found pieces of the vinyl white balloon scattered in their driveways and backyards, hours after the two-story sized inflatable porker floated away from the Coachella Music and Art Festival Sunday night.

(Thanks to commenter Tonyr951.)



Wee, wee, wee, all the way home

P.S. That’s a lot of fancy Spanish ham!

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