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Al-Qaeda leader in Somalia flattened by missile strike; World press fumes, whines

By See-Dubya  •  May 1, 2008 06:28 PM

Here’s a couple of paragraphs from one international News Bureau’s reporting on the airstrikes that killed Al-Qaeda’s leader in Somalia:

U.S. missiles destroyed the house of the man believed to be the top Al Qaeda commander in Somalia, killing him and 10 others Thursday in a pre-dawn attack that analysts warned could torpedo peace talks but have little impact on the Islamic insurgency.

The killing of Aden Hashi Ayro comes amid escalating fighting and a spiraling humanitarian crisis in the Horn of Africa nation….

The talks offered a slim hope of bringing together the disparate groups in the armed opposition. But Thursday’s attack damages the negotiations before they begin, said Rashid Abdi, an analyst at the International Crisis Group think tank.

It may also undermine the new prime minister, who wished to include more extreme fighters in the talks despite opposition from the president.

“However much the Americans claim the war on terror is one thing and the peace process is another thing, it’s not that clear-cut,” Abdi said. “This will definitely have political repercussions.”…

Analyst Iise Ali Geedi of Somali University said the killings will fuel suspicions that the United States is using the talks as a fig leaf.

“The U.S. is entertaining Somalis with empty diplomatic efforts — and is chasing its terror suspects on the other hand,” he said. “I would like the U.S. to support reconciliation rather than carrying out attacks.”

Here’s another:

A US air raid in Somalia has killed up to 30 people, including two senior leaders of the armed opposition group al-Shabaab.

Four aircraft bombed the town of Dusamareb, 300km north of Mogadishu, on Thursday.

Among the dead was Aden Hashi Eyrow, the military commander of al-Shabaab, the Union of Islamic Courts’ (UIC) former military wing.

Bob Prucha, a US military spokesman, told the [other] news agency that US forces had attacked a “known al-Qaeda target”.

Mukhtar Robow Adumansur, an al-Shabaab spokesman, said: “It is true that infidel planes bombed Dusamareb. This was an unprovoked attack[“]…

Somali intelligence sources said Eyrow was trained in Afghanistan as a mujahid and later, worked with the Taliban before Afghanistan was attacked by US-led forces.

He then returned to Somalia to establish al-Shabaab as the military wing of the Islamic courts.

Make your guess and then click through to see which is which: can you tell AP’s reporting from Al-Jazeera’s?

You’d think this ought to be easy, but it’s not.

Front-page photo adapted from AP.
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