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Beaten Redondo Beach "Marine" served in the Jesse Macbeth Brigade, Tuzla-sniper veteran

By See-Dubya  •  May 1, 2008 04:02 PM

Which is a fun way of saying Christopher Bajan was not an actual, you know, United States Marine:

Bajan’s MySpace page includes a photograph of Albert Einstein where Bajan’s face should be. He listed his interests as “pot, pot, pot, pot, pot and pot and surfing and more pot and (women) and fishing for (women) and playing the drums.”

He may have been beaten and robbed, but police are now considering filing charges against him for filing a false police report.

Reporter Larry Altman is angry he trusted this guy and is irritated that he can’t take people’s word about their military service. I see two upsides to this story, though–the first, as Altman notes, is that people were extremely generous in offering to help what they thought was a mistreated hero.

The second is that this is an old-fashioned case of stolen valor. Unlike Jesse Macbeth, Micah Wright, and the like, Bajan wasn’t faking his service in order to undermine the mission or allege war crimes and slander against the troops. At least he recognized who the heroes are, and he tried to pinch a little of their honor instead of trying to diminish it.

No, that’s not a defense of Bajan, who deserves a good turn in the national pillory. It’s just relief that even losers like Bajan still understand where honor is due.


Previous story about Bajan’s assault here.

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