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Hackish tool cruelly mocked (BUMPED)

By See-Dubya  •  May 4, 2008 07:37 PM

It takes a special kind of man to make his debut into the national spotlight by asking a war hero whether he once called his wife a you-know-what. A special kind of person to stand up with the cameras rolling and, collateral damage to innocent ears be damned, drop the c-bomb. Hello, America! I’m Marty Parrish, and I like to say c**t!

How do they find these people? Are they grown in secret hydroponic labs deep within the Democratic Underground? Well, The Nose on Your Face has a look at the selection process for the Democratic party’s squad of reputational-suicide filth commandos.

We look for someone who’s got that perfect blend of personal failure, thirst for fame, and all-around lameness. When we discovered Marty’s Windows profile page, we realized we’d found the perfect man-child.

Here’s John Gibson toying with Parrish like a cat with a dead gopher. Gibson establishes right off that the guy’s an Obama supporter and then it’s off to the races.
Oh, speaking of tools–Obama’s still running, or stumbling and lurching in a cheap-beer daze, from his arugula-filled past:

Visiting VFW Post 1954 in North Liberty, Ind. yesterday evening for a “mix and mingle” photo op, Obama suddenly had nothing but booze on the brain. “I’m going to see if I might get a beer in there,” he announced, unprovoked, as he strode through the parking lot–with an armada of pool photographers in tow. Arriving inside, the senator immediately told the crowd why he’d come: “I’m not going to give a speech or anything, I just want to stop by … and maybe get a beer as well.” Still, he managed to shake a few hands–before abruptly noticing that the cameramen were “blocking the bartender.” “I’m going to have a Bud,” he declared with a quick glance at what the assembled vets were drinking. “I’m going to vote for you if you drink Budweiser,” shouted Vic Vukovits, who works for Anheuser-Busch.

Yeah, that sounds spontaneous and unscripted.

(Actually, he makes a fair point there about the gas-tax holiday.)

UPDATED AND BUMPED: Gateway Pundit made a nice little catch about the other foul-mouthed preacher in Barack Obama’s life:


I hate to pile on, but…well, actually Mr. Parrish makes it easy. And it’s nice to know the Baptists aren’t keeping toolish hacks like Parrish in their pulpits.

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