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5 more reasons McCain should stay the hell away from La Raza/The Race (but won't)

By Michelle Malkin  •  May 8, 2008 09:52 AM

I gave the top 10 reasons John McCain should repudiate the National Council of La Raza on Tuesday. Here are five more reasons he should stay the hell away from La Raza/The Race (but won’t):

5. La Raza/The Race joined the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee in a failed lawsuit attempt to prevent the feds from entering immigration information into a key national crime database–and to prevent local police officers from accessing the data.

4. La Raza/The Race opposed the state of Oklahoma’s tough immigration enforcement-first laws, which cut off welfare to illegal aliens, put teeth in employer sanctions, and strengthened local-federal cooperation and information-sharing.

3. La Raza/The Race joined other open-borders, anti-assimilationists and sued to prevent Proposition 227, California’s bilingual education reform ballot initiative, from becoming law.

2. La Raza/The Race vehemently opposed common-sense voter ID provisions as an “absolute disgrace.”

1. La Raza/The Race has perfected the art of the ethnic shakedown at taxpayer expense.


Like John McCain said: “I’ll rely on people to judge me by the company that I keep.”


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