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In defense of RINO hunting

By Michelle Malkin  •  May 8, 2008 08:38 AM

I had the honor of meeting Pat Toomey at the Pennsylvania Leadership Conference a few weeks ago. He has the conservative vision and principle that so many feckless GOP officials in Washington lack. In a WSJ op-ed today titled “In defense of RINO hunting,” Toomey puts liberal Republicans in his sights, names names, and takes no prisoners

Read the whole thing, but here’s the bottom line:

A Republican majority is only as useful as the policies that majority produces. When those policies look a lot like Democratic ones, the base rightly questions why it should keep Republicans in power. As the party gears up for elections in the fall, it ought to look closely at the losses suffered under a political strategy devoid of principle. Otherwise, it can look forward to a bad case of déjà vu.

Club for Growth should print that paragraph on greeting cards so we can send an avalanche of them to the GOP elite in Washington.

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Attn. Nancy Pelosi! CBS News finds families who WON’T be killed by the tax bill

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