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John McCain gets away with his slippery, open-borders talk again

By Michelle Malkin  •  May 8, 2008 08:47 PM

John McCain appeared in the “No-Spin Zone” tonight–and spun, spun, spun his way through a few, scant, superficial questions about immigration.

The GOP’s immigration drag queen has completely shed his costume.

Asked whether he would do anything about illegal alien sanctuary cities, he shrugged off the question by muttering that “of course” he didn’t approve of them (but was silent on taking any proactive measures to cut off their funding). Having dispensed with that, McCain then quickly gave his new slippery, flip-flop formulation about how we need to “secure the borders” AND have “comprehensive immigration enforcement/” “temporary guest work plan” (translation: amnesty) and “deal with the 12 million people already here” (translation: give them amnesty, DREAM Act, sanctuary, driver’s licenses, bank accounts, home loans, etc., etc., etc).

No questions about his decision to speak to La Raza/The Race in July.

No questions about his open-borders radical Hispanic outreach director and Cinco de Mayo money man, Juan Hernandez.

No questions about his anti-assimilationist campaign finance co-chair, Jerry Perenchio.

And no questions about how McCain would deal with heinous crimes like this.

Geraldo Rivera approves.

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