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Obama, appeasement, Bill Cosby, and shop class

By See-Dubya  •  May 17, 2008 10:13 AM

It suddenly occurred to me what this latest Obama outburst–all the Obamessiah’s disciples assuming that Bush was talking about Big O when the word “appeasement” was mentioned–reminds me of.

I used to have a lot of Bill Cosby tapes. On one of them there was a monologue called “shop class”, which goes a little something like this:

In Junior High in Philadelphia, one of Bill’s bright friends brought a bullet to school and informed them that if you threw a bullet in the furnace, it would explode. So of course, they planned to try that out. They picked shop class to try it out.

They threw the bullet in the furnace and kept hammering, trying not to laugh..tink,tink…tink,tink…BLAM!…tink,tink (snicker)…tink, tink.

The shop teacher was furious, and demanded to know who threw the bullet in the furnace.

Tink,tink (snicker)…tink, tink…

Seeing no answer was forthcoming, this shop teacher tried psychology. He said, “you know, a guy throws a bullet in the furnace, it reflects on his mother.”

Tink, tink.

The shop teacher continues, “A guy’s whose mother would teach him to do something like throw a bullet in the furnace, well, his mother must be pretty awful.”

Somebody whispers, hey, Weird Harold (or whichever character it was), he’s talking about your mother. Tink, tink.

The shop teacher presses on, “I mean, the guy’s mother must be pretty low-down…

At which point Old Weird Harold jumps up and says “Hey, I didn’t throw no bullet in the furnace! And STOP TALKING ABOUT MY MOTHER!”


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