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Apparently the LA Times can’t find any bad news in Iraq

By See-Dubya  •  May 25, 2008 11:40 PM

I know this is fragile. I know this level of violence is still far from acceptable. I am under no illusions that Iraq has been transformed into a peaceful, enlightened Liechtenstein. And I know things could all go south tomorrow.

But isn’t this great?

The U.S. military said today that the number of attacks by militants in the last week dropped to a level not seen in Iraq since March 2004.

About 300 violent incidents were recorded in the seven-day period ending Friday, down from a weekly high of nearly 1,600 in mid-June last year, according to a chart provided by the military.

You’ll have to look at that picture of capering Iraqi children they used to illustrate the story. It’s like something from a Michael Moore movie illustrating how wonderful things were under Saddam.*

Thanks very much to the troops–American and Iraqi–who gave so much to bring this about.

For what it’s worth, my thinking is that part of the reason for this silence is that Al-Qaeda in Iraq is conserving their strength and laying low until right around the elections, then they’ll spring a new series of atrocities and attacks on American and Iraqi troops and Iraqi civilians. Of course, they’ve also been pummeled relentlessly for years now (as the article notes) and the Iraqi street has turned on them, so their capacity to do their worst has probably been curtailed.

On the other hand, they now have little to lose by plotting acts of shocking, sickening, headline-grabbing violence intended to cow the American population and rattle America’s resolve. I don’t want to be too pessimistic, but I don’t think it’s safe to count out Al-Qaeda until the very last one has been rendered carbon-neutral.

The first thing I saw after I posted this is an article describing cautious optimism and progress about our efforts to run AQI out of their last stronghold in Iraq–Mosul. Keep after ’em.

*If I were a cynical S.O.B. in the Army’s outreach brigades, I would hand out red, white, and blue kites to little kids all over Iraq. And then take their picture flying them. I ifgure that if a few seconds of footage featured in Michael Moore’s film showing Iraqi kids flying kites proved that everything was great under Saddam, then a few seconds of footage showing Iraqi kids flying kites now in post-Saddam Iraq must mean everything’s at least as peachy after the liberation as well. Right?


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