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Old-School FARC commander dies, possibly from myocardial inFARCtion (and/or bombs)

By See-Dubya  •  May 25, 2008 09:44 AM

They called him “Sure Shot”, and he’s been fighting for the FARC since Goldwater ran for President. And now he’s dead, struck down in the prime of life at 78, or maybe 80.

“Inside FARC” they say it was a heart attack*, one that coincidentally occurred right about the time Colombian jets were bombing FARC’s strongholds.

“Whether Marulanda died in an air raid or of natural causes, this would be the hardest blow that this terrorist group has taken, since ‘Sureshot’ was the one who kept the criminal organisation united.”

Together with the death of another top commander in Ecuador earlier this year, the discovery of key intelligence on their laptops, the disruption of their hidden accounts and bases, and the surrender of another prominent leader last week, being a member of FARC must be almost as demoralizing as being a conservative Republican these days.

And here’s some even better news:

Meanwhile, President Alvaro Uribe said some rebels were ready to surrender themselves and some key hostages.

He said he had received “calls” from Farc leaders who said they were ready to hand over hostages, including former presidential candidate Ingrid Betancourt, and leave the guerrilla force if their freedom could be guaranteed.

The FARC is holding around 750 prisoners, and among them are three American contractors. Their names are Kein Stambler, Mark Goncalves, and Thomas Howes. There’s a good chance that the FARC may also be holding an anti-Castro Cuban-American businessman named Cecilio PadrĂ³n, who was kidnapped from Panama on April 4th.

The pressure put on the FARC through Plan Colombia is demonstrably breaking their will–and looks like it may lead to the release of these hostages. A civil war that has been fought since before the Beatles came to America is finally being won by the good guys. Yet the Democrats absolutely hate Plan Colombia and still oppose free trade with one of our strongest allies in the region, and they’re still eager to punish legitimate Colombian labor.

Why is that?

*What, do they have, like, a company newsletter?

PM UPDATE: Captain Ed has an interesting German angle on the story…

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