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WSJ calls the Iowa ICE raid “Immigration Theater”

By See-Dubya  •  May 26, 2008 07:52 AM

Many commenters in my post about the recent ICE Agriprocessors raid in Iowa suggested it was nothing but Kabuki theater designed to placate border security advocates and make them think that something was being done. Looks like the Wall Street Journal agrees–they’ve titled their newest open-borders editorial “Immigration Theater”:

Federal immigration officials raided an Iowa meatpacking plant this month in what is being called the largest operation of its kind in U.S. history. Nearly 400 of the plant’s 900 employees were arrested on immigration charges. Do you feel safer?

Ever since immigration reform died in Congress last year, the Bush Administration has made a show of stepping up enforcement. But do homeland security officials really have nothing better to do than raid businesses that hire willing workers – especially in states like Iowa, where the jobless rate is 3.5%? These immigrants are obviously responding to a labor shortage for certain jobs.

Yeah, yeah, that Americans just won’t do. Whatever. The interesting point of this editorial is that it suggests Democrats, led by Heath Shuler, sense Republican disarray on the issue and are doing an end run (or, more likely, a fake) around the GOP’s right flank on immigration. Shuler’s SAVE act funds the E-verify system, which the WSJ notes is riddled with errors and could never possibly work, and which the WSJ noted last month on page one was already working too well.

Of course, for the final word on e-verify, I’ll ask Jorge Hernandez.

As for the politics, I thought this was interesting:

You’d think Republicans would dislike a law that creates more expense and headaches for employers who are already overregulated. Instead, GOP lawmakers keep fooling themselves that immigration is an electoral winner, while Democrats like Rahm Emanuel ponder which wing of the caucus to placate.

Apparently the Democrats think it’s enough of a winner that they’ll risking the ire of some of their most important identity groups to pinch some votes on it.

P.S. I notice the Journal editorial board has retooled their style-book a bit. They used to call border-security advocates like me and Michelle “nativists”. Now it looks like they’ve settled on “restrictionists”.

P.P.S. If the ICE raid in Iowa was “Kabuki theater”, I liked it. I give it two thumbs up. I’d like to see them open shows in every small town and big city across the country.

Hey, I’m a great patron of the arts.


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