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Obama’s uncle: wrong camp

By See-Dubya  •  May 27, 2008 11:04 PM

Apparently Obama’s remark about his uncle liberating Auschwitz was just a gaffe, and not a full-on lie. It was actually Obama’s great uncle, and he did not, in fact, liberate Auschwitz, but instead undertook a secret mission to Cambodia.

Seriously, though: here’s the Obamessiah advancing a new legislative initiative to take care of veterans with PTSD. Worthy cause. Probably worth a little research if you’re going to try to sell it.

I ripped Mike Huckabee a new one for publishing an article in Foreign Affairs that attributed a quote from The Godfather to Sun Tzu.

At the time, I surmised that it wouldn’t have been that big a deal had Huck just tossed that off in a stump speech instead of writing it in a major foreign policy magazine. So I’ll extend the same indulgence to Barry O.

The WaPo fact-checker isn’t quite as forgiving:

The Pinocchio Test

Before hearing from the Obama campaign, I gave the candidate four Pinocchios for this howler. I am subtracting one Pinocchio in view of the explanation that Obama confused the two concentration camps and that the underlying story was accurate. Three Pinocchios for “significant factual errors.”

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