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The “New Sanctuary Movement” in mainline Protestant churches

By See-Dubya  •  May 27, 2008 02:21 PM

First of all, can we change the misleading term “mainline Protestant” denominations? They’re not really that “mainline” anymore. They built ugly churches and began regarding the Bible as optional, and as a result they’re dwindling away like the Church of England. I like “sideline Protestants”, but I’m open to suggestions.

Anyway, the latest inspiration for the sideline Protestants is their new Magdalene, Elvira Arellano. Today the Washington Times has published a report on this “New Sanctuary Movement” that Arellano inspired.

I’ll let you read the whole irritating thing, but let me draw your attention to this detail at the end: the whole movement hinges on a single legal loophole, one that could quite easily be closed by an interested Congress:

Although sheltering illegal immigrants is a felony, sanctuary organizers said in interviews that they had found a loophole in the law: They inform the local ICE office about an immigrant’s presence, thereby evading any charge of secretly harboring fugitives.

Shouldn’t openly harboring fugitives be a crime as well?


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