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Another Obama endorsement!

By See-Dubya  •  May 28, 2008 09:20 AM

Joining the ranks of William Ayers, FARC, Hamas, and a motley crew of commies, tyrants, and commie tyrants, Fidel Castro (apparently still living…who knew?) has chimed in with some carefully-phrased non-endorsement endorsement for Barack Obama:

…he calls Barack Obama “the most advanced candidate” in the race. (That’s the English translation as provided by Associated Press and Reuters; the Granma English-language site translates his characterization as “this strong candidate.” The article in the original Spanish is here.)

“I feel no resentment towards him, for he is not responsible for the crimes perpetrated against Cuba and humanity,” Castro wrote. “Were I to defend him, I would do his adversaries an enormous favor.”

The saddest part is that I’m not even surprised.

I’m getting an idea for a bumper sticker here:



{Post by See-Dubya. I do the bumper stickers here.}

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