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Chart of the day: Illegal aliens get what?

By Michelle Malkin  •  May 28, 2008 12:18 PM

Reader A.F. e-mails the chart of the day. He writes: “Michelle, I work peripherally for the insurance industry and get the industry’s magazine National Underwriter. The May 8 issue contains a cover story titled: “Workers Comp for Illegal Aliens Sparks Debate Among the States.” A box within the text describes which states already provide WC for illegal aliens: “CA, FL, NV, NY, TX and UT expressly include illegal aliens in the WC coverage” —- UTAH??? So you can come to the US, work illegally, complain of headaches caused by a little slip and fall and you can go on drinking Dos Equis with my tax dollars for the rest of your natural life. What a country!”

I’ve mentioned the illegal alien workers’ comp scheme before in immigration speeches over the years and have been met with skepticism. The trend has only exploded since I first reported on it.

Here it is in black and white: