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Burmese tyrants: Aid? We don’t need no stinking foreign aid!

By See-Dubya  •  May 29, 2008 04:49 PM

Well, there’s a stand for good-old right wing self-sufficiency, I guess:

“The people from Irrawaddy can survive on self-reliance without chocolate bars donated by foreign countries,” the Kyemon newspaper said in a Burmese-language editorial.

As with all media in the former Burma, it is tightly controlled by the army and is believed to reflect the thinking of the top generals, who until now have shown signs of growing, albeit grudging, acceptance of outside cyclone assistance.

OK, seriously: what a bunch of preening, thuggish hypocrites. Their populace has been decimated and they’re still grandstanding and posturing. And according to the pro-democracy Burmese paper Irrawaddy, they’re still pocketing foreign aid:

After the international donors and high-ranking officials who attended the donor conference in Rangoon on Sunday left, a senior diplomat based in Rangoon shared his pessimism.

“Even if they get aid in cash, they (military leaders) will build roads and bridges—it won’t reach down to people,” he said….

One NGO worker said she believed the junta is appearing to cooperate in order to get more countries to pledge funds. “There are many people ready to come and donate if allowed,” she said. “Buy is the aid reaching the people? We have meeting after meeting at the Traders Hotel (in Rangoon) but nothing happens.”

Irrawaddy has a great cartoonist, “Stephff”, drawing for them. Stephff’s archives are here, and I particularly liked this one. (The little dude is Burmese autocrat Than Shwe):


Exit question: Are they going to give UNFPA its condoms back?

{Post by See-Dubya. Past thoughts on Burma and engagement here.}

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