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The deadbeat Democrat defaulted six times

By Michelle Malkin  •  June 3, 2008 09:46 AM

The continuing saga of deadbeat Democrat/serial defaulter Rep. Laura Richardson gets worse and worse. Still haven’t heard a single member of Congress decrying this corrupt behavior. Via the LA Times:

When news surfaced that Rep. Laura Richardson had lost her home through foreclosure, the Long Beach Democrat blamed the problem on her year-long rocket-ship rise from city councilwoman to Assembly member to congresswoman and the crumbling real estate market.

“I understand that these homeownership issues are a reflection of what many Americans are going through as they fight to keep their homes and to remain financially stable,” she said in a news release.

But while the foreclosure of the two-story Sacramento home she bought shortly after being elected to the Assembly in 2006 may have been the first time she lost a house, it was not the first time Richardson had fallen behind on her payments. It continued a pattern started eight years ago.

Since then, the homes she still owns in San Pedro, where her mother lives, and Long Beach have fallen into default six times. The amount she owed ranged from $5,742 to almost $20,000, according to documents on file with Los Angeles County.

“She has this habit of missing payments and then trying to catch up instead of doing it monthly,” said Verla Saylor, who sold Richardson the Long Beach house and carried a second mortgage.


Commenter Khan points out that Richardson finally settled one of her debts–a $150 bill from Sir Speedy printing.


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