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Cabinet minister says Israel will “attack Iran” over nuke program

By See-Dubya  •  June 6, 2008 12:47 PM

Well, it’s the Transportation Minister, and he’s campaigning to take over Olmert’s job, so take a grain of salt with this. But just a grain.

According to the newspaper report, Mofaz — a former chief of staff and defense minister — has concluded that international sanctions haven’t curbed Tehran’s nuclear ambitions.

“If Iran continues its nuclear arms program — we will attack it,” the newspaper quoted Mofaz as saying. “The sanctions aren’t effective. There will be no choice but to attack Iran to halt the Iranian nuclear program.”

There is a precedent for Israeli military action: In 1981, Israeli planes destroyed an unfinished Iraqi reactor.

There’s actually a lot more recent precedent than that, of course. Wonder why the AP reporter left that out?

I’ve got to imagine this will resonate well in Israel. Right now they must realize that given his latest Kerryesque three-sixty half gainer triple-lindy flipflop about Israel and Palestine, Obama will be at best a fair-weather ally if he is elected, and probably (given his growing portfolio of endorsements from anti-Israel thugs like George Galloway) not even that.

And McCain–who knows?

As Captain Ed notes,

Their window of opportunity may be closing. If Obama wins the election, Israel would have two months to conduct an attack that would hopefully devastate Iranian nuclear facilities.

This would be a much trickier attempt than the Iraq or Syria missions, of course. In 1981 the bombing run on Saddam’s Osirak reactor was an amazing feat of logisitics and planning, stretching the range and capabilities of Israel’s new F-16s. Iran’s even farther, and its nuclear program is spread around the country so much that it would be a matter of weeks instead of days to really cripple its nuclear capacity.

Well, time’s a wastin’.

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