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More stirrings of life in the Church of England?

By See-Dubya  •  June 7, 2008 02:11 PM

Back here I’d noted the bold (and I use that term advisedly–it is bold, though it shouldn’t be) assertion of CoE Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali that it was actually okay for Christians to proselytize–even to Muslims. Official CoE spokesmen took a different line, pointing out that that wouldn’t be quite consistent with the CoE’s highest scriptural authority: the European Convention on Human Rights.

I still don’t think all is lost with the Anglicans. Today the Times of London announces a forthcoming report from the Anglican leadership that smacks the militant secularism and “religious illiteracy” of the Blair-Brown government.

There are things worse than militant secularism:

The report, commissioned for the Church of England and to be published on Monday, accuses the Government of discriminating against the Christian Churches in favour of other faiths, including Islam….

The authors find evidence of deep-seated hostility to the Church in particular, excluding it from important areas of policy and research – despite Mr Blair being one of the most devout prime ministers of the past century. They portray a Government committed to research into Muslim communities but barely interested in Christian involvement in Britain’s civic and charitable life.

Some of their proposals–a “minister for religion”–strike me as useless make-work. But one of the most radical reformation they propose is a return to the Church as the center of “social and welfare provision”. Instead of the leviathan state? God bless you, bishops, but the state isn’t getting out of that business without a fight.

And it’s England, so the state has all the guns…


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