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And now: Pump rage

By Michelle Malkin  •  June 11, 2008 10:37 AM


Rage at a driver who cut in front of him in a gas line has led to the arrest of a California doctor accused of brandishing a tire iron.

Dr. Antonio Reyes, 58, of La Palma, Calif., faces misdemeanor charges of suspicion of displaying a deadly weapon in a rude, angry or threatening manner, Sgt. Tom Bruce of the Cypress Police Department said.

Reyes was waiting Monday night with other motorists at Costco pumps when another vehicle cut in front of him. Witnesses said Reyes took a tire iron from his vehicle and allegedly confronted the driver…

They were fighting over $4.30/gallon gas:

Reyes, who has three children and a family medical practice in La Palma, was waiting in line at the members-only store for gas that is generally offered at lower prices than in surrounding gas stations, Morales said.

“I believe it was $4.30” a gallon, Morales said.

The woman in front of Reyes left the line, and the victim, described as a 47-year-old Cypress man, moved in front of Reyes, Morales said.

Reyes shouted at the victim, who remained in his vehicle, ignoring Reyes, Morales said.

As the two pulled up to the pump, both men got out of their vehicles and “the victim sees the suspect coming toward him,” Morales said.

“He does nothing,” Morales said.

“The suspect retrieves a crowbar from his vehicle and pulls on the door handles of the victim’s car, holding the crowbar up in a threatening manner,” Morales said.

The man in the car called 911, Morales said, adding that despite cutting into the line, the victim did not break the law.

“A cooler head should have prevailed,” Morales said of the doctor’s actions.

Commenter SPCOlympics shrugs: “This is California where rudeness is normal behavior and Costco gas lines have always been long even when gas was less than $2/gallon.”

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