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The new, unreality-based Michelle Obama-as-GOP victim meme

By Michelle Malkin  •  June 11, 2008 11:18 AM

The Times on the East and the Times on the West ran similarly-themed pieces today casting Republicans as wife-beaters.

NYT columnist Maureen Dowd decries the supposed GOP strategy of “mincing Michelle” Obama–conveniently neglecting the fact that the purported “whitey” tape rumors were initiated and perpetuated by Hillary liberals and conveniently neglecting the fact that it was Beltway Republicans who tried to stop Tennessee GOP members from running an ad critical of her self-confessed lack of patriotism.

LAT’s Robin Abcarian has a slightly more balanced piece, which notes criticism of Michelle Obama’s public statements from left-leaning Slate and rough treatment of Rudy Giuliani’s wife by the press. Still, the overarching narrative is that we are all somehow colluding in unfair and “brutal” attacks on Barack Obama’s wife because we express profound disagreement with her public statements and policy pronouncements on the campaign trail.

You want “unfair” and “brutal?”

Go remind yourselves of what the Left says about First Lady Laura Bush.

Haven’t seen the sympathy pieces about that.


I’ll be on the Fox election show in the 5pm hour to talk about this new Michelle Obama-as-GOP victim meme.

Commenter BrianNY:

Every time liberals here are incensed by the “hatred” of those who dare to quote Michelle Obama’s own words, I post these ditties to remind them what hatred really is. Maybe Maureen Dowd and Robin Abcarian should also take note:

1. “Hitler’s dog” – Bill Maher describing First Lady Laura Bush on 9/23/05.

2. “The Silver Douche bag” – George Carlin describing former First Lady Barbara Bush on 9/9/05.

3. “The moron doesn’t fall too far from the tree” – Bill Maher describing former First Lady Barbara Bush on 9/9/05.

4. “Like her evil husband, she has lived far too long. Here’s hoping the hag suffers for several weeks, then croaks in the tub.” – The Huffington Post, concerning Nancy Reagan on 2/17/08.

5. “I feel no pity for the bitch who took delight in watching thousands die of a horrible disease and watching the poor having to eat out of dumpsters because of her husband’s political beliefs.” – The Huffington Post, concerning Nancy Reagan on 2/17/08.

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