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Vote Democrat: Have more promiscuous sex!

By Michelle Malkin  •  June 12, 2008 10:37 AM

Well, this explains the New York City herpes epidemic, I guess. Via ABC News comes word of the Left’s latest Internet sales pitch. Vote Democrat: Have more promiscuous sex!

Given how shamelessly the Republicans have ripped off Democrat messaging (“the change you deserve!”), I will not be surprised to see some diluted form of this generational pandering coming from the GOP sometime soon.

Stupid is as stupid does:

A stunning 20-something woman hooks up with a seemingly innocent guy at a rowdy singles bar. Hot foreplay starts on the cab ride home and progresses into the bedroom.

That is until, while searching for a condom in the bedside table, she sees a photo signed “Thanks for your support!” from Republican candidate John McCain.

Horrified, she bolts, dropping her bag and spilling a campaign button on the sidewalk: “I only sleep with Democrats.” The camera quickly cuts to a cool, bespectacled man with a donkey pin on his lapel. The couple’s eyes lovingly lock.

“Blue Balled” — an edgy, video short distributed on YouTube and other Web sites this week — has a simple message: If you vote Democrat, you are intellectual, hip and savvy. If you vote Republican, you are an untouchable — bumbling, square and uptight.

Did we forget to mention that McCain’s adoring fan knocked over his beer at the bar, offered his erstwhile one-night-stand a Johnny Walker Red and lined up his shoes at the bedroom door before jumping into the sack?

The Democrat’s drop-dead gorgeous face was framed with hip, wire-rimmed glasses and luscious, well-groomed locks.

The video, created by the new political organization TruthThroughAction.org, is one more affirmation that the Internet is a central character in the 2008 presidential race.

The blue-leaning nonprofit was founded by New York filmmakers Joshua Sugarman and Brandon Yankowitz of YaSu Media, who are producing a series of short films and online videos. The “527” group is, unlike political action committees, exempt from contribution limits…

…Like the “Obama Girl” video, which spread virally last year, “Blue Balled” is intended to rally the indie community and young political activists to support the Democrats in November. The group plans to produce more than a dozen films of all genres, each with an “edge and a clever hook.”

Future videos are expected to be lighthearted and comedic, paying special attention to imagery. In “Blue Balled,” the girl wears blue underwear and the pro-McCain young man wears a red blanket when he’s abandoned midact. The next one will be a thriller set in Iraq.

“I thought it was brilliant,” said Andrew Rasiej, co-founder of TechPresident, a group blog that covers how the 2008 presidential candidates use the Web.

“It clearly taps into the fact that the election has captured the imagination of the youth of our country and reinforces a message that any political organization for a candidate would want to associate with — hip cool and passionate,” he told ABCNEWS.com.

“It clearly takes advantage of the atmosphere of young people paying attention to the election and using their language and their medium to convey the message,” he said. “It’s very shrewd.”

The 4½ minute film is accompanied online by a photo slideshow, “Political Monogamy,” which capitalizes on the message of “Blue Balled” with eclectic portraits by Reka Nyari, including, among others, an interracial couple, a pregnant woman, lesbians, a black grandfather and a punk rock riot “grrl.”

Here’s the vid:

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