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Remember that Saudi Academy in Fairfax, VA? Yeah, their 1999 valedictorian joined Al Qaeda.

By See-Dubya  •  June 13, 2008 01:11 PM

So back here I wrote about the incendiary textbooks used in the Fairfax, VA Islamic Saudi Academy. After “revisions” the texts still advocated rule under an Islamic caliphate and the death of apostates and adulterers. But the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors, including congressional candidate Gerry Connolly, voted to allow the private, Saudi-funded school to continue to lease their facility from the county.

According to VA blogger Black Velvet Bruce Li, Connolly even “derisively” dismissed criticisms of the Islamic Saudi Academy at the meeting. Which is not surprising, given the close relationship between Connolly and CAIR which BVBL describes.

Well, turns out there’s a lot more to the story of the Islamic Saudi Academy, according to PJM’s Patrick Poole:

According to a local news report on June 3, the female student reported her claims to her teachers, and a report on the matter was drawn up by the teachers and the school’s principal and submitted to administrators. But when the allegations reached the desk of school director Abdullah Al-Shabnan, he didn’t believe the girl and failed to report the sex abuse claims to law enforcement within the 72 hours required by state law.

See the video report on that coverup here. That’s awful, though it doesn’t really count toward Connolly’s judgment because the story broke after his vote.

The story of ISA valedictorian Abu Ali, however, has been around a while. Says Poole:

This is far from the first time that the Islamic Saudi Academy has received unwelcome public scrutiny. Just a few days ago, the academy’s 1999 class valedictorian, Ahmed Omar Abu Ali, had his 2005 conviction upheld by the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals on charges that he joined Al-Qaeda and had plotted to assassinate President George W. Bush. Abu Ali was sentenced to 30 years in prison. As noted by Evan Kohlmann at Counterterrorism Blog, Abu Ali had joined an Al-Qaeda cell in Saudi Arabia while studying at the University of Medina, and one of his Al-Qaeda co-conspirators was killed in a shoot-out with Saudi authorities.

There’s even more scary stuff about ISA from Poole. Black Velvet Bruce Li says:

You better believe this is going to be an issue in Gerry Connolly’s congressional campaign. It’s bad enough having a county supervisor who embraces these folks. Having that person become a United States Congressman is utterly ridiculous.

UPDATE: Still more on star pupil Abu Ali at the House of Jawa.

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