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Blackwater asks Federal court to judge them under Sharia law

By See-Dubya  •  June 19, 2008 05:42 PM

Here’s an odd item: a plane crash over Afghanistan in 2004 killed three U.S. soldiers, and their widows are suing military contractor (and perennial moonbat bugaboo) Blackwater. The NTSA says Blackwater’s airline was at fault, but Blackwater’s lawyers have an interesting defense:

The lawsuit “is governed by the law of Afghanistan,” Presidential Airways argued in a Florida federal court. “Afghan law is largely religion-based and evidences a strong concern for ensuring moral responsibility, and deterring violations of obligations within its borders.”

If the judge agrees, it would essentially end the lawsuit over a botched flight supporting the U.S. military. Shari’a law does not hold a company responsible for the actions of employees performed within the course of their work.

Well, choice-of-law disputes are insanely complex, especially in international cases. And Blackwater’s lawyers are doing their thing, which involves arguing the rules in their clients’ interests in court no matter what the cost to society of the rulings they seek and the precedents they establish.

But this strikes me as more than a bit galling coming from Blackwater, which pushed so hard for immunity from Iraqi jurisdiction as a condition of operating in Iraq. In fact Iraq was pretty angry about the hard-fought exception and threatened to revoke it. But Blackwater (and the US) demanded it in order to do their job and protect their contractors on the ground.

And now that their procedures in Afghanistan have attracted a lawsuit from the families of soldiers they were protecting, it’s an about face:they’re all about the sharia.

I’ve defended contractors against the left’s incessant sniping before, but I can’t really defend begging to submit to sharia like that. Pick a legal system, Blackwater, and stick with it.

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