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Only in Berkeley: “Dumpster Muffin” bitterly clings to her tree

By Michelle Malkin  •  June 19, 2008 10:46 PM

I told you on Tuesday that UC Berkeley campus police had finally taken steps to remove trespassers who’ve been living in a grove of trees for months on end to block school stadium construction.

It ain’t over.

Zombie stopped by the protest site, snapped some choice photos, and introduces you to “Dumpster Muffin.” Zombie reports:

The sitters had constructed an insanely perilous aerie towering far above the highest branches. It was occupied by a protester with the too-perfect name Dumpster Muffin (yes, her name really is Dumpster Muffin), who would go into convulsions whenever one of the dismantlement-minded arborists neared her outpost. She’d screech and scream and shake the platform violently, forcing her opponents (who were dangling from a cable attached to a crane) to back off, fearing she’d martyr herself by plummeting to the ground rather than be captured.

Only in Berkeley.

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