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“Right Wing” Colombian drug lord pleads guilty in NY

By See-Dubya  •  June 20, 2008 05:44 PM

These guys are awful narcoterrorist bastards and I’m glad their head guy is going to jail for a long time.

Diego Fernando Murillo acknowledged he had conspired with military, political and “anti-communist” forces to smuggle tonnes of cocaine into the US.

Murillo, also known as Don Berna, now faces between 27 and 33 years in jail.

You’ll notice that the BBC is careful to identify them as “right wing” and “anti-communist” several times there.

So I was wondering: are they more Russell Kirk types, or Straussians? Maybe they’re more Hayekian Road-to-Serfdom thinkers. Or…maybe they’re theo-cons? Don’t a lot of the AUC’s libraries subscribe to World magazine?

Hmmm….Libertarians, maybe? Guns, drugs, hate legitimate authority and display a complete lack of conscience. Closest yet, but not quite right.

Seriously, the AUC isn’t a movement with an ideology other than killing FARC and selling drugs. Mostly just selling drugs. But the media thinks that since FARC gets called a left-wing terror group because they stand for a Castroesque revolution in Colombia (and selling drugs), therefore their opposition, the AUC, must be “right-wing”.

So let’s hear it for Plan Colombia, and the Bush administration’s prosecution of right wing terror!

The AP’s story about Murillo includes a couple of interesting details–including how the case that resulted in his extradition was started by an ordinary NYPD detective doing good police work, as well as Murillo’s Keyser Soze-like legend:

As a younger man, he was the target of an assassination attempt that left his body riddled with gunshot wounds. The attack cost him part of one leg and paralyzed muscles in his face, but somehow, he survived.

“The local legend,” Barry said, “is that he reappeared on the streets of Medellin with a crutch under one arm and a machine gun under the other.”

Oopsie, did I just quote the AP? Well, I must owe them some money, then. They can send Captain Jamil Hussein by my house to pick it up from me.

He knows where I live. He knows everything


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