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Daily Kos diarrhist urges you to pray for Michelle’s death

By See-Dubya  •  June 23, 2008 06:50 PM

Well, I’m glad something I wrote could turn someone’s heart to the Lord, even if Michelle is getting the credit. When I saw that Kim Jong Il had endorsed Obama, I wrote this:

Take me now, Lord. My life as a blogger is complete.

One of the rapier wits at Daily Kos took to his or her knees:

So let’s all help Michelle’s request along and say a little prayer to the Lord. Unfortunately, these prayers to the Lord don’t always work effectively, even amongst the top televangelists such as Oral Roberts back in the 1980’s…

…But I have HOPE for Michelle’s plea.

Michelle didn’t actually write that, but whatever. Once you’re done asking your Creator for Michelle’s destruction, sweetheart, do me a favor and mention Mohsen Namvar. He could use a hand right now.

P.S. I was wondering how the Left would react to Kim Jong Il’s endorsement of their guy. This dude thinks it’s “the sanest thing that Kim Jong Il has done recently”. I agree; it’s quite rational from Kim’s point of view.

{Post by SEE-DUBYA. H/T to OneFreeKorea, who has a link to the Kos diary if you must see for yourself.}

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