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Report: Iranian minister, previously tortured for performing baptisms, captured again

By See-Dubya  •  June 23, 2008 02:06 AM

I’m seeing several sources reporting that 44-year old Mohsen Namvar has been picked up by Iran’s state police. They rousted about a dozen Christians in Tehran, but Rev. Namvar is still being held. His previous detention with the Iranian authorities was not a pleasant one, according to Amnesty International:

Mohsen Namvar had been arrested in 2007 for baptising Muslim converting to Christianity. He was tortured with electric shocks to his back which left him unable to walk. After his release, he had surgery to his back. Although he is now able to walk, prolonged sitting or standing causes him pain.

Here’s more from the Mission News Network, including some speculation on why such a crackdown occurred:

Why the focus on believers? Nettleton says, “The church is growing at an absolutely phenomenal rate in Iran. Muslims are coming to know Christ; they’re getting involved with these house church groups. That is what has caused the concern of the government. That’s why these arrests are happening.”

I honestly had no idea there was a clandestine house-church network operating in Iran. Though I can’t say I’m surprised.

Your prayers for Mohsen Namvar (and his fellow prisoners of conscience) are requested and if you wish to do more, there is contact information for the Iranian government at the Amnesty link above, with a recommendation for the content of a letter.

Let me remind you that despite the strong temptation to…extemporize when addressing the government of Iran, this is not a good occasion to give the Mullahs a piece of your mind and that doing so will not help Mr. Namvar win his freedom nor save his life.


{Post by See-Dubya; hat tip to Batesline and Baylyblog}

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