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Celebrating Heller

By See-Dubya  •  June 27, 2008 02:45 AM

Don Surber has re-written the Beach Boys’ Fun Fun Fun into a pro-second amendment anthem–here’s a taste:

Well you knew all along
That the courts would eventually rule
(It couldn’t be fooled now it couldn’t be fooled)
And since it upheld Amendment 2
Libs are been thinking that their fun is all through now
(They shouldn’t have tried now they shouldn’t have tried)

But they can come along with me
cause we can go to the shooting range now
(You could practice now you could practice)

It puts me in the mood for a little Skeet Surfing Safari:

Some conservative commenters here are sad that Heller doesn’t take back all of our liberties at once. But we’re conservatives, and we’re the ones for small, steady incremental changes. Heller has laid the groundwork for many such changes over time.

Who benefits politically from Heller? Obama is already on the hotseat, trying to twist out of his support for the DC gun ban. If anyone notices, this might hurt him in some key Southern states, especially if they are reminded of his previous firearms flip-flop and other radical positions.

Whether it will help McCain and the Congressional Republicans is an interesting question. The LA Times suggested recently that the NRA has gotten almost everything it wanted, so it might as well give up. The substantial victory offered by Heller might lead supporters to think hey, that’s good enough, now we can worry about Hope! and Change!

I think it’s more likely that the Second Amendment and a few more conservative causes will pick up a tiny bit of momentum as a result of Heller. Whoa–these gun-rights guys set the agenda and finally made the Supreme Court recognize an individual right that was hiding there in plain sight for over two hundred years? They must be pretty sharp! What else are they selling?


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