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San Fran mayor Gavin Newsom for governor?

By See-Dubya  •  July 2, 2008 12:04 AM

While the Chronicle’s been covering San Francisco’s Honduran crack dealer municipal shuttle service, they’ve also spared some space to write about the gubernatorial ambitions of San Fran’s mayor. Gavin Newsom thinks he’s got what it takes to succeed the Governator.

Jerry Brown–“Governor Moonbeam”–is the front runner right now, believe it or not. Mayor Villaraigosa of LA is on the list as well. For Newsom to get past them he’s going to have to explain away this ridiculous illegal alien drug-dealer ferry service the city’s been running on his watch.

Looks like his strategy for doing that is a big, clumsy, transparent buck-passing:

With his handpicked juvenile probation chief at his side, San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom said today that he is powerless to order that the city turn over underage illegal immigrant criminals to federal officials for deportation.

Instead, Newsom said at a City Hall news conference, the question of what to do with illegal immigrant minors who deal drugs and commit other crimes is one for juvenile court judges, the district attorney and public defender to sort out.

There’s just nothing you can do about this problem, Mayor? Well, you’re not particularly effective, are you? Even liberals aren’t buying his dodge. The Chronic’s front page includes this comment from reader “jacobin”:

Gavin (Newsom) and company have given the right-wing frothers some more “San Francisco values” to rant about. I wonder if he stays up at night thinking of ways to make elections harder for the Democratic Party.

Mmm….actually, jacobin, I don’t think that’s what Mayor Smoove stays up at night doing. But I do appreciate the San-Fran values rant-fodder. Palomino!

If you want some good news out of California, Tom McClintock’s running for Congress.


MORE: Here’s a nice little video of Mayor Smoove dealing with the press. It’s from a (sadly abandoned) blog called Gavin Watch:

He’s soooo oleaginous. If you could refine Gavin Newsom, we wouldn’t have to drill in ANWR.

Thanks to Goldwater Knight for pointing me there.


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