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Things Liberals Like Which Hurt The Environment

By See-Dubya  •  July 6, 2008 06:25 PM

Don Surber notes that it’s always things liberals dislike, things freighted with consumerist guilt, that the green left protests against the loudest. Meanwhile arugula…doesn’t, though it should.

It’s a well established pattern everybody gripes about SUV’s; nobody gripes about pickup trucks even though they get about the same lousy gas mileage. I think it’s because environitwits know instinctively that pickup drivers are immune to their green guilt, whereas suburban SUV-drivers might be more susceptible to it.

But Surber doesn’t stop at arugula. What else do liberal hippies love that hurts the environment?

Likewise, smoking marijuana. Besides carbon dioxide, it releases all sorts of carcinogens.

Protest marching also is dangerous to the environment. Signs are made with paper, which kills trees. Transportation to the site also releases carbon dioxide.

Now to write this up into a proposal and get my grant from the National Science Foundation. Hey, maybe I can get a MacArthur Grant for the genius behind this.

There’s actually much more on drugs and the environment: I’m already there on the marijuana, deforestation. But how about Ecstasy, favorite of of the club scene? Pop a tab, kill a tree. Cocaine? Decimating the rain forests. Opium? Same thing. Meth Labs? Don’t get me started.

However, I’m sure that all of these illicit drug manufacturers are buying carbon credits to offset their horrendous environmental damage. If not, conscientious liberals will no doubt abstain from using controlled substances until they clean up their act.

Still, that’s a pretty good effort from Don. Maybe not lefty-activist enough for a MacArthur Genius Grant, but it’s certainly good enough for a prestigious See-Dubya Genius Grant:

Now, somebody please give him half a million dollars, okay? Thanks.

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