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Treasury Dep’t: Chavez’s government is funding and assisting Hezbollah

By See-Dubya  •  July 7, 2008 02:59 PM

Bombshell in the Wash Times:

The Bush administration is accusing the government of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez of providing cash and refuge to the militant Islamist group Hezbollah of southern Lebanon.

An investigation by the U.S. Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) names Venezuelan diplomat Ghazi Nasr al Din and Venezuelan-Arab businessman Fawzi Kanan as key links between the two.

“It is extremely troubling to see the government of Venezuela employing and providing safe harbor for Hezbollah facilitators and fundraisers,” said Adam Szubin, political affairs director of OFAC.

Cautionary note: there’s a difference in saying members of Chavez’s government are helping terrorists, and that Chavez himself is. There’s no evidence of the latter, and (for what it’s worth) he denies it. On the other hand, he has to know what’s up, and he just promoted Ghazi Nasr al Din to a new position where he continues his Hezbollah liaison.

Here’s the OFAC report–it’s been out there since June 18th. Excerpt:

Ghazi Nasr al Din is a Venezuela-based Hizballah supporter who has utilized his position as a Venezuelan diplomat and the president of a Caracas-based Shi’a Islamic Center to provide financial support to Hizballah. Nasr al Din served until recently as Charge d’ Affaires at the Venezuelan Embassy in Damascus, Syria, and was subsequently appointed the Director of Political Aspects at the Venezuelan Embassy in Lebanon.

Nasr al Din has counseled Hizballah donors on fundraising efforts and has provided donors with specific information on bank accounts where the donors’ deposits would go directly to Hizballah.

Ghazi Nasr al Din has met with senior Hizballah officials in Lebanon to discuss operational issues, as well as facilitated the travel of Hizballah members to and from Venezuela. In late January 2006, Nasr al Din facilitated the travel of two Hizballah representatives to the Lebanese Parliament to Caracas to solicit donations for Hizballah and to announce the opening of a Hizballah-sponsored community center and office in Venezuela. The previous year, Nasr al Din arranged the travel of Hizballah members to attend a training course in Iran.

Here’s the other guy, who’s not a government employee but who’s sending money and helping with operations and travel (he runs two travel agencies):

Fawzi Kan’an is a Venezuela-based Hizballah supporter and a significant provider of financial support to Hizballah. Kan’an has facilitated travel for Hizballah members and sent money raised in Venezuela to Hizballah officials in Lebanon.

Kan’an has met with senior Hizballah officials in Lebanon to discuss operational issues, including possible kidnappings and terrorist attacks. Further, Kan’an has also traveled with other Hizballah members to Iran for training.

If you still buy your gas at Chavez-owned CITGO, may I ask why?

Big Hezbollah fan, are you?

Chavez’s army is apparently getting tired of dealing with his issues.

I agree with DPUD: it’s time for a little tough love, Generals. You may need to stage an intervention.

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