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FISA on the floor; nutroots in a frenzy; Update: FISA reform passes, 69-28

By Michelle Malkin  •  July 9, 2008 02:18 PM

The Senate held three votes on telecom immunity amendments this afternoon and a final vote on the FISA reform bill will take place later today. After all is said and done, the 9/10 Democrats will go along with the White House in protecting telecom companies from civil lawsuits related to their anti-terrorism cooperation with the feds–and FISA reform will at last be passed. Here are the roll call votes. Here’s wire coverage of the action on the Senate floor and a rundown from First Read on Barack Obama’s flip-flop. The heartbroken nutroots are foaming at the mouth.

Hoist, meet petard.

The “moneybomb” goes off on August 8.

Update 2:44pm Eastern. The cloture motion on the FISA bill passes, 72-26.

Update 3:07pm Eastern. FISA reform passes, 69-28. Obama votes yes. Hillary votes no.


Jeff Goldstein: You can’t spell “hopeyness” and “changitude” without “capitulation.”

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