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Clueless Washington journalist of the day: John Harwood

By Michelle Malkin  •  July 16, 2008 11:12 AM

Liberal racism? What liberal racism? How clueless and out-of-touch is CNBC Washington chief correspondent and NYTimes writer John Harwood? This clueless (hat tip -Mark Finkelstein at Newsbusters):

JOE SCARBOROUGH: Have you seen the political cartoons of Condoleeza Rice as a parrot with huge black lips? Have you seen the racist —

JOHN HARWOOD: There are cartoons of Barack Obama, too!

SCARBOROUGH: Oh really? With lips out to here? Exaggerated lips?

HARWOOD: No, with ears out to here. [Scarborough and Harwood can be seen illustrating their respective points in the screencap.]

SCARBOROUGH: Yeah, exactly. Ears are not seen, racists do not focus on ears when making fun of African-Americans.

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: This is a point.

SCARBOROUGH: I will show you, the next time you’re on here, racist cartoons —

HARWOOD: From the left?

SCARBOROUGH: — of Condoleeza Rice. No, from mainstream people. Where nobody even brought it up. Nobody was even concerned. I’ll guarantee you Condoleeza Rice noticed.

HARWOOD: Show me that. I’ll be surprised to see that.

OK, here’s your assignment. John Harwood asked for it. Please help educate him. E-mail him a link to this blog post (or just use the handy ‘send to a friend’ feature). His e-mail address is politicalcapital@cnbc.com.

I’m reprinting the images from my “Grow a pair, Obama” post right here–and including links to past posts on liberal racism and liberal racist imagery.

Maybe Mr. Harwood will start paying attention now:

Here’s a reminder of the crap Condi Rice has had to deal with over the years:

1. The buck-naked bigotry of Ted Rall:

2. Jeff Danziger’s Condi-as-Prissy cartoon:

3. Pat Oliphant’s exaggerated-lipped parrot caricature:

Much more here.

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