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Tucson open-borders official gloats about effigy-beating

By Michelle Malkin  •  July 16, 2008 12:45 PM

Tucscon residents remain up in arms over the unhinged open-borders mob, led by reconquistadora Pima County (AZ) public defender Isabel Garcia, who beat and tore apart an effigy of tough, anti-illegal immigration Sheriff Joe Arpaio at his recent book tour event.

See the videos here in case you missed it yesterday.

Garcia is now gloating about the incident–calling it “funny.” She has posted a bigotry card-playing response at her militant website, Derechos Humanos. Laugh line: “We stand for the principles of peace and justice.”

Can you imagine if pro-enforcement activists–let alone a government official–had whacked an effigy of Garcia or any other prominent illegal alien sympathzier to pieces and paraded around with the head for the local TV cameras?

Where’s La Raza/The Race to call for an end to the incivility and hate speech?

Oh, wait. Never mind.


Tucson radio show host Jon Justice and his listeners continue to step up pressure on their local government officials. Be sure to check out the very ironic video clip there of Garcia.

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