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BO: Damn you conservatives for taking my wife seriously!

By Michelle Malkin  •  July 17, 2008 12:01 PM

Getting back on message after the New Yorker “lynching,” Barack Obama is refocusing on us right-wing rabble-rousers.

Or in his words: “Fox News and the National Review and columnists of every ilk.”

Present and accounted for!

Yep, he’s whining to Glamour magazine–the print equivalent of, oh, Access Hollywood, about us meanies who listen to his bitter half on the campaign trail and hold her accountable for her public statements.

Curses on us!

GLAMOUR: An AP poll shows that while the positive ratings on Michelle are higher than those of Cindy McCain, her negative ratings are higher as well. I’m curious about how as a husband that makes you feel. Does it mystify you? And what do you want to say to those Americans who don’t know the woman that you know?

SENATOR OBAMA: It’s infuriating, but it’s not surprising, because let’s face it: What happened was that the conservative press—Fox News and the National Review and columnists of every ilk—went fairly deliberately at her in a pretty systematic way…and treated her as the candidate in a way that you just rarely see the Democrats try to do against Republicans. And I’ve said this before: I would never have my campaign engage in a concerted effort to make Cindy McCain an issue, and I would not expect the Democratic National Committee or people who were allied with me to do it. Because essentially, spouses are civilians. They didn’t sign up for this. They’re supporting their spouse. So it took a toll.

On a separate front, Obama’s minions at MoveOn are gathering signatures to protest the “racist” “smears” against the holy couple. (Background: Anti-Fox hounds rally ’round Michelle O.”)

Just underscores my point about trying to appease the un-appease-able Left.

Why bother?

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