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Saying goodbye to Tony Snow

By Michelle Malkin  •  July 17, 2008 07:01 AM

Tony Snow’s funeral will be held this morning at 10am at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington, DC. President Bush will attend. The service is open to the public. Info on the Tony Snow Family Trust is here.

There are tons of stories out there of Tony’s everyday kindness, collegiality, and professionalism–from his fellow journalists, politicians, bloggers and Internet activists (whom he read voraciously, by the way, long before the MSM had caught on), and complete strangers. Like this:

In 2004 my wife Susan and I, along with our friends, Eric and Sherry, vacationed in Washington, DC. We all had different sites we wanted to see and took turns choosing between the various museums comprising the Smithsonian, Arlington and the memorials. But my wife had what I considered at the time to be a rather unusual tourist destination: the Fox News DC bureau. With such awe-inspiring sites as the Lincoln Memorial and the Capitol Dome available to us she wanted to see Fox News and, she hoped, catch a glimpse of Brit Hume. I knew it would be interesting but with so much history around us and so many other points of interest I secretly believed we should be doing other things with our time.

I had no complaint, of course, as both she and Sherry were excited about it and, after all, we all four watch Fox News faithfully. We arrived at the bureau on time for our appointment (Susan had called ahead) but they seemed unsure of what to do with us…

…As we waited in the lobby we talked about our trip so far, what we should do next, and how it looked like we were not going to get a chance to meet any of the Fox News anchors or correspondents. Then Susan or Sherry, or perhaps both, exclaimed in an excited whisper “here comes Tony Snow!”

Hearing this he came over and greeted us. The first thing I noticed about him was how tall he was. Eric and I are both about six feet, three inches, so we do not meet many people that we have to look up to, and yet we had to look up to Snow. But what I remember most was his big smile; his big, genuine smile. Here was a man who served as speechwriter to the first President Bush and would soon serve as White House Press Secretary to the second. But at this particular point in his life he was a busy newsman. Successful, talented, and among the top names in his chosen profession he nevertheless took about five minutes out of his day just to chat with us. He asked where we were from, what we did for a living, if we were enjoying our trip, and where we were headed next…

….I still don’t meet too many people that I have to look up to. But of Tony Snow, I can say that, even had he not been tall, he was still someone you would look up to.

TV green rooms are filled with self-important blowhards and rude bigmouths. Tony was always a bright, warm burst of infectious energy in that stuffy environment. That sunshine smile will be missed by so many more than will be able to fill the pews today for the funeral service.


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