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Remember those fiberglass drug subs?

By See-Dubya  •  July 18, 2008 02:04 AM

Back here I mentioned a new topic of concern for the Homeland Security business: homemade fiberglass submarines that could be used to carry terrorists or WMD’s ashore. The shipbuilders have ties to the FARC.

Well, they caught another one Wednesday off the coast of Mexico, which is farther north than we’ve seen them so far:

Mexico’s navy seized a homemade submarine carrying a drug shipment off the Pacific coast on Wednesday and arrested its four-man crew.

Similar vessels carrying cocaine have been discovered off Colombia and Central America, but navy spokesman Capt. Benjamin Mar said the seizure is a first for Mexico.*

Just because they keep trying this method, I suspect a lot of them are getting through and we only see headlines for the odd one that the authorities catch. I also suspect that these craft are mainly for use ferrying cocaine from Colombia to Mexico, where the cartels have no trouble carrying it overland into the U.S., and we’re not likely to see one puttering through Morro Bay anytime soon.

But–if we somehow got a border fence built, it would be interesting to see whether the cartels would shift to submarines or tunnels for getting drugs over.

*Raise your hand if your reaction to that story was “Mexico has a navy?” Well, they do, and good for them.


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