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Leftist clergy want to perform same-sex marriages

By See-Dubya  •  July 21, 2008 08:32 AM

I suppose I’m expected to feel sympathy for the “moral dilemma” faced by liberal clergy in California who want to perform same-sex marriages, but don’t want to go against their denomination’s rules. I don’t:

Last month, a former student, who has known Father Comella nearly 30 years, asked him to officiate at his same-sex wedding. Father Comella, 61, wrestled with the question but decided not to do it. If he were excommunicated, he would no longer be able to effect change through teaching, he says. It was also a personal decision: He has Parkinson’s disease and worries about losing his health care benefits. “I felt guilty for letting them down and not being able to be more courageous,” he says.

See, I’d like to help you out, friend, but it’s more important that I effect change. This is Berkeley, I’m sure you understand.

Here’s another profile in courage, from the Methodists:

When Messrs. Barron and Marler approached her, Ms. Lindsay had quickly agreed to sign their marriage license and say a special prayer during Sunday service. She even invited other gay couples to join.

But she soon began to feel concerned about her decision. At a United Methodist conference in Sacramento, she ran into the Rev. Renae Extrum-Fernandez, the former pastor at her church, who was now district superintendent. Ms. Lindsay asked whether Ms. Extrum-Fernandez wanted to know about her plans for the coming Sunday. Ms. Extrum-Fernandez, suspecting something risky, said no.

Ms. Extrum-Fernandez later told Ms. Lindsay that if someone were to raise a complaint about a pastor’s actions, she would have to pass it on to the bishop.

Hmm…I thought Christianity was supposed to be risky, but I’m not a preacher. Well, instead, it’s easier (and safer)to whine about how bigoted the bishops are:

“Most Holy God,” she [Eileen Lindsay] prayed before the assembled. “Today is a day of lament and a day of thanksgiving.” Her congregation …read from their programs in response: “We confess that we are members of a denomination whose official policies hurt and oppress people.”

If Ms. Lindsay really believes this she should promptly leave the Methodists. If she believes she is party to a religion of “oppression”, why is she staying with it?

I suspect the unpopular answer might be that gay marriage isn’t really something that liberal clergy feel strongly enough to actually quit their jobs over.

Biggles, who tipped me to this story, points out that these clerics aren’t exactly facing the dilemma of Cranmer, Ridley and Latimer here. That’s not fair, of course–Latimer and Ridley didn’t have to worry about losing their health care.


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