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ACORN Watch: Where is Luis R. Torres-Serrano?

By Michelle Malkin  •  July 24, 2008 10:00 AM

Doing the ACORN monitoring that needs to be done…

Our latest ACORN entry watch comes from Pennsylvania, where a suspected voter fraud artist is on the loose:

A former temporary worker for a national community action group recently questioned by Dauphin County investigators about bogus voter registration forms is now a wanted man.

Luis R. Torres-Serrano, 37, of the 200 block of South 15th Street, is accused by authorities of submitting more than 100 fraudulent voter registration forms he collected on behalf of the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now to county election officials.

“We’re actively looking for Torres-Serrano,” said John Goshert, chief of the Dauphin County detective bureau on Wednesday. “We’re offering up to $2,000 for information on his whereabouts.”

Dauphin County elections head Steven G. Chiavetta alerted county investigators to the suspected bogus voter registration forms late last month. In some cases, his office was contacted by people who received a new voter registration card and said they never filled out a form, Chiavetta said.

Chiavetta then forwarded his concerns about the forms submitted by Torres-Serrano to the Pennsylvania Department of State’s elections bureau, which alerted voter registration offices statewide.

Torres-Serrano is charged with 19 counts of perjury, making false statements, forgery and identity theft in connection with the voter registration forms, authorities said.

If you subsidize it, you will get more of it.

Meanwhile, via William Amos, Al Franken wins ACORN’s endorsement.

Frauds of a feather stick together…

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