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How we know immigration enforcement is working–part II

By See-Dubya  •  August 1, 2008 09:45 AM

Switching down from the macro scale of the previous immigration post, here’s a micro look in the Ontario, CA Daily Bulletin at a healthy trend in ICE enforcement–doing an end run around sanctuary city policies.

Apparently some illegal alien criminals showed up for their work-release program, after being sentenced for committing misdemeanors in California, and found the federales waiting for them:

The 32 men arrested Saturday morning at the Glen Helen Rehabilitation Center were participating in a county work release program as an alternative to serving time in jail.

The illegal immigrants were previously convicted of misdemeanor offenses in the United States, including driving under the influence, driving without a license, reckless driving and possession of drugs for sale, federal officials said.

Their arrests come as a result of a sweeping program in which local and federal authorities work together to find, apprehend and deport illegal immigrant criminals.

As in the case below, we know this is working because it’s getting a squawk out of the “Immigrant-rights advocates” criminal illegal alien advocates, who claim these folks weren’t violent.

It’s the way these things go–when an effective policy crops up the open borders lobby huffs and snorts. After the Agriprocessors raid in Iowa, the WSJ asked rhetorically whether we felt any safer.

They won’t dare ask that in: with illegal drunk drivers and drug dealers shipped out the door, of course we’re safer. Here’s ICE spokesman Virginia Kice, who sounds like she gets it:

“Someone may say that misdemeanor violations should not be a priority, but there is a very real possibility they could go out and commit a more serious offense that has heartbreaking consequences for the community,” Kice said. “What if a person who has a DUI conviction gets behind the wheel several months from now and has an accident that claims the life of several innocent victims? Why would we allow that to happen?”

Why, indeed? Cheap lettuce? The criminal illegal alien advocacy lobby is going to need to come up with a better rejoinder than that. These are not sympathetic characters they’re defending. It’s one thing to post a tearjerking photo-op of a deportee who had been working quietly and staying out of trouble, but when illegal alien advocates defend drunk drivers and dope dealers their support may start to erode.

After all, that might have been the next Edwin Ramos they just deported.


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