Animal-rights terrorists firebomb scientists’ car, home in Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz, CA is like a low-rent Berkeley, with bolder terrorists. Back in February they invaded a researcher’s home and terrorized his children. Before that there were church burnings and police-car flambees.

So it’s no surprise that the anonymous animal rights klansmen have graduated to firebombing university researchers’ homes and cars.

The family was home at the time of the firebombing and the victims, including two young children, escaped on a fire ladder from a second-story window, according to police. One family member suffered injuries during the escape and had to be hospitalized briefly, police said. That bombing is being considered an attempted homicide because the family was home, police said.

You developing cures for cancer? AIDS? Malaria? If you use laboratory mice, then guess what: you’re a a target. Better buy a gun now.

More at the San Jose Mercury-News.


UPDATE: This reminds me of a useful related post by S. Weasel, detailing how profoundly fug-buck looney PETA founder Ingrid Newkirk really is.


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