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Tragedy: Gaza baby-milk-smuggling tunnel collapses; militant milkmen squashed

By See-Dubya  •  August 3, 2008 10:42 PM

Remember the baby-milk smuggling tunnel I blogged about back here?

Well, um, oops.

In other news from under over the Egyptian border, there is a move on to reduce female circumcision:

“I hear that girls suffer not just physically but psychologically,” the 31-year-old Mohammed said. “But I am afraid. I don’t want my daughters to have uncontrollable demands for sex.”

Such doubts are significant. With vigorous grass-roots campaigns and the passage of tough laws against circumcision, Egypt seems to be making a dent in this deeply ingrained practice, thousands of years old. The number of young girls circumcised is now steadily declining in a country where an estimated 96 percent of married Egyptian women have had their genitals cut.

I’m thrilled that it’s less common, and yet I’m repulsed and horrified that it still even exists.

That would be like reading a triumphant headline noting that fatal bear attacks dropped from five thousand to four thousand in Montana this year. That’s great, but dude: there’s still thousands of fatal bear attacks going on. You have a bear problem.

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