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Joe Kennedy’s still snuggling up to Chavez

By See-Dubya  •  August 8, 2008 02:14 PM

Great expose of the long and cozy relationship between former Massachusetts Rep. Joseph Kennedy and the Chavez regime.

For all his pro forma caveats about not endorsing every policy of the Venezuelan state, however, Kennedy nevertheless cannot manage to suppress his admiration for the so-called Bolivarian revolution, even if it is only our capitalistic consumption that makes Chavez’s 21st Century Socialism possible in the first place.

“[M]y goodness gracious,” he gushed to Business Week, “Hugo Chavez can quote Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln by heart.” …That a democracy is easier to run and elections easier to win when you blacklist the opposition, and legislative compromise a breeze when you decree laws voted down in popular referendum, is immaterial to Kennedy, who happily parrots the “CITGO, owned by the Venezuelan people” line.

I’ve stood outside the HQ of Venezuela’s nationalized oil company/ministry PDVSA. It is red-bereted soldiers as far as the eye can see, and rest assured they aren’t there to usher the hoi polloi upstairs to confer with the generals, the executives or the generals masquerading as executives. Even Chavez recognizes what a joke this is. A day after the infamous U.N. speech in which he called George W. Bush “the devil” and sent Noam Chomsky to the top of the literary pops, Chavez admitted during a visit to a Harlem church that his own people — you know, the heralded owners of Venezuela’s oil — might not be thrilled about the Kennedy-Chavez Oil for Praise program: “Some say I should be in the barrios of Caracas. Apparently I am giving away all over the world what belongs to Venezuela.”

Print that out and read it on the way home. It’s by Shawn Macomber, who’s an up-and-coming conservative journalist whose name I always look for.


{Post by See-Dubya.}

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