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The Party Pulls The Trigger

By See-Dubya  •  August 8, 2008 10:53 PM

Claudia Rosett was in Peking when they opened up on the protestors in Tiananmen Square. Here’s what she wrote then; and her current reflections on that day are here.

In that 1989 article, in the closing paragraph, I tried to set down something that still applies today; not least as visitors to Beijing survey the massive security efforts, not all of which are intended strictly to protect the Olympics:

“No doubt when the Chinese government has finished dealing with its people, the tidy square will be presented again as a suitable site for tourists, visiting dignitaries and the Chinese public to come honor the heroes of China’s glorious revolution. It will be important then to remember the heroes of 1989, the people who cried out so many times these past six weeks, ‘Tell the world what we want. Tell the truth about China.’ “

China’s repressive conduct leading up to this Olympic farce shows that they haven’t changed a bit, and their Orwell Machine still hums along without a hiccup. At least we have an opportunity to see it working. When you see the happy cartoon mascots and the light shows of the five-ringed circus, remember what lurks behind them.


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